Saturday, February 6, 2010


I would rather be a child at heart proving capable of handling adult responsibility than an "adult" at heart acting out the foolishness of a child. I could hardly wait (like everybody else) for that new found 18 year old freedom to pursue and swim in "adult" material, and "adult beverages" and "adult" language..well, you know? I mean that is our right of passages into being real man and women... right? Well... I did finally fall low enough in my my own life to finally admit in the words of Lt. Caffey (Tom Cruise) in the movie "A FEW GOOD ME"...IT JUST AIN'T SO. This statement came in his opening defense statement for two marines on trial for murder and in essence, on trial for their lives. Though in that movie it was a tough (seemingly impossible) case for him to make in defense of their innocence, It is a clear open and shut case with evidence undisputed that much of what was in my teen years and is today labeled before us on our televisions and magazines as adult is to the contrary destructive childishness. You know, those kind of "oops" type messes and quick sands we all ventured into as kids without any consideration of the dangers, or the ramifications!!! Remember how we never had a thought in our mind about the road this action might be taking us down? Is that really ADULT? So in the first of many segments on this topic, I am make this plea. I make this plea as a person of color to persons of all colors and cultures. The plea is for the truly satisfied life you seek, if not for yourself then for your loved ones. It is simply this: GROW UP. Never before have I stood over so many youth caskets or watched so many tears of mothers and grandmothers in court rooms shed for their children because we can't handle the truth about what truly breeds...A FEW GOOD MEN. Never before have I seen so many young ladies robbed of their innocence and dignity because someone didn't have a clue about being truly "ADULT". When I watch this video, the tanks are symbolic of the army of images robbing the imagination. The army of adult poisons that had me fooled and sought to kill and destroy the true beauty we were all intended to blossom into. Surrender our nation and children to "adult hood" as some know it? NOT ON MY WATCH. We are on trial for their lives. STAND UP...For The Hero In You.

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  1. every time i read this blog it helps me to see what a better adult i should try to be i can say i wished for my 18th birthday to come when i was 14 i see all the adults around me be slaves to so many thing i wanted to have the freedom to o anything i pleased when i got grown 18 now im eighteen going on nineteen ive learned and experinced true joys adults may never experince im learning to break cycles of my previous generations im so glad God plans for me was for me to be free and im seeing true joys aren't drinking smoking partyin or havin bad pleasure because true memories i make are when im having private victories and helping other peoples dreams come true as well as chaising and living to make my own dreams come true -212 intern